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Description: There are two works seen in this image. The first to the left is a re-presenting ofY,M,C,C,Y,M,M,C,Y, YMCCYMMCY, YMC, CYM, MCY (Highlanes Gallery), the work to the right also titled Y,M,C,C,Y,M,M,C,Y, YMCCYMMCY, YMC, CYM, MCY (The Goldenthread Gallery) is in theory the same work just installed directly onto this galleries walls. The work itself is a system of procedure which can be remade in various dimensions so as to respond directly and react specifically for each new venue it is realized in. each of the paint skins thus holds traces of very particular activities often revealing its image/painting within the skin as fragments and remnants of historical events left hidden within the surfaces of the gallery walls. 

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